Sci-fi-themed tactical multiplayer FPS Marauders is set in an alternative version of the 1990s, where players take on the role of various ‘Marauders’ as they navigate the game’s gritty diesel-punk world. Marauders was developed by Small Impact Games and published by Team17.

Team17 asked us to create Marauders-themed influencer kits that could be sent to some of the world’s leading FPS players, to encourage them to promote the game to their followers and play it with others on their channels.

ServicesCustom, Packaging, Graphic Design


Whoever the player chooses to be in Marauders – whether it’s a lone-wolf or a key member of a small unit – their chances of survival revolve around their hunting and looting skills. It’s a key element of Marauders; being able to survive and thrive by working with what they can salvage, and crafting new weapons and gear to boost their chances in the never-ending Great War.

We created 100 Marauders influencer kits, which were inspired by and reflected that core gameplay loop. Our Marauders-branded kits featured goodies that were based on in-game items that the player could collect and craft.

 Our influencer kits took the form of Marauders-patched army ‘Sack Bags’ complete with gifts and goodies.

These included Marauder first-aid kits filled with stickers that could be stuck to the sack bag, ammo boxes with shotgun shells that doubled as bottle openers, and a Marauders poster that was designed to replicate the crafting blueprints that players need to get creative in-game.


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