Batora: Lost Haven is a story-rich action-RPG. Players take on the role of 16-year-old adventurer, Avril, as she travels across the universe to save Earth from destruction. Batora was developed by Stormind Games and published by Team17.

Team17 asked us to create promotional kits that could be sent to some of the web’s most prominent gaming influencers that would help promote Batora, and be unique enough to generate conversations about the game online.

ServicesCustom, Packaging, Graphic Design


One of Batora’s biggest strengths lies in the amount of choice players have available to them to shape the game’s overall narrative and wider events. Avril is a teenager, and has to tread a fine line between good and evil; similarly, she gets new powers throughout the game that will help shape her journey and test her suitability as a ‘Keeper of Balance’.

Our influencer kits reflected the almost-impossible weight keeping that balance has on Avril. We created 30 kits that were sent to influencers; inside was a beautiful glowing orb that represents Avril, her powers, and the fraction of the universe her young self is expected to save. The orb sat on a wooden stand, and its range of beautiful colours could be selected via remote control. The kits were finished with a premium Batora-branded sleeved box.


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