Players can enter the town of Hokko in Hokko Life; a craft-heavy life-sim game where they can build their own cosy place to live and interact with the animal community. Hokko Life was developed by Wonderscope and published by Team17.

We were asked to create a ‘house-warming present’ that could be sent to influencers, to help promote the cross-console release of Hokko Life and generate conversation about the game online.

ServicesPackaging, Print Design, Graphic Design


The initial idea of the house-warming present was to create and distribute a piece of crockery that could be sent to influencers (tea sets, plates, vases…), that they could paint and decorate while livestreaming. On reflection though, we thought no one would want to take their time decorating something fragile after the stressful process of moving house!

So, we suggested and settled on a new concept. We dialled it back, and created an influencer kit featuring Polaroids of in-game characters and Hokko Life stickers.

Alongside these goodies, though, were a pottery kit and a letter welcoming them to Hokko. Beautifully-styled and written, the letter alerted influencers to the big pottery competition happening on the day Hokko Life was released, and challenged them to livestream themselves making some cool clay creations.

With the big move to Hokko, influencers wouldn’t have had time to purchase their own pottery materials, so we sent them everything they needed. Notable influencers streamed on the competition date and showed off their wares, with Team17, Wonderscope and the wider online community coming together to pick an overall winner.


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