Cooler Master – Branding

PC specialists Cooler Master are a heritage name in PC customisation, and have spent years building a loyal following of PC-gaming enthusiasts who love to config their rig with the latest gaming tech and peripherals.

Cooler Master asked us to refresh their brand; to attract the next generation of PC aficionados without alienating their core audience. The brand evolution was a key part of the company’s new, broader approach to marketing.

ServicesBranding, Graphic Design, Print Design, Digital Design, Packaging, Video Games


Cooler Master’s identity was very minimalist, but instantly recognisable within the community. We didn’t want to lose that – instead, we focused on keeping the most important brand elements and assets (such as Cooler Master’s logo symbol and tagline), and updating them in a way that would be consistent across the brand’s website, social channels and marketing materials.

Our design and marketing specialists went deep, performing detailed competitor and audience research to identify visual trends and cues that would appeal to and attract a younger, contemporary audience, while keeping Cooler Master’s heritage intact.

Consistency and flexibility were core aspects of the new design – points that are driven home in Cooler Master’s brand new, ever-evolving Visual Identity Guidelines; a detailed guidebook that acts as an essential point of reference for everybody engaged with the Cooler Master community to follow when implementing the brand’s new strategy.

The guidebook covers everything needed to help the Cooler Master refresh stand out, from how to place and size the logo, which colour palettes to use in certain situations, tints, gradients, typography hierarchies, use on packaging, practical examples and case studies, use on physical documents and stationery, apparel, and many other applications.

We also provided Cooler Master with a custom tool kit which houses all of the elements created during the brand refresh, Cooler Master’s design, social and comms teams across the business can refer to the tool kit to access logos, swatches, images, templates, fonts and everything else created for the refresh, to stay visually consistent across all channels.


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