Dead Cells – Mobile Announcement Trailer

A widely-acclaimed indie game, Dead Cells is an action platformer in the popular Metroidvania mould.

This version of Dead Cells was a mobile adaption and featured new game mechanics. TAKEOFF was approached to create an announcement trailer to boost downloads, increase hype and show off the game’s new features.

ServicesTrailer, Motion Design, Video Games


TAKEOFF’s creative team built an announcement trailer for Dead Cells that focused on the game’s vibrant graphics and fluid playstyle to attract mobile gamers. The trailer featured the awards the game has won as well as the amazingly high scores it received from major gaming publications to highlight that Dead Cells is no ordinary mobile game and to generate subscriptions.

Other key points shown in the 30-second trailer were impressive battle phases and boss encounters to show the fast-paced thrills offered by Dead Cells. Visual cues showing the game’s brand new mobile interface were also highlighted to show prospective players how the game can be played on iOS- and Android-based mobile devices.


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