Final Fantasy XIV Online: Heavensward – Custom Console

Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is the first official expansion pack for MMORPG A Realm Reborn, developed and published by SQUARE ENIX.

SQUARE ENIX partnered with TAKEOFF to create 15 custom PlayStation 4 consoles, complete with custom controllers. The custom consoles would be part of the game’s wider marketing campaign to raise interest and awareness of the game, with the consoles being used as competition prizes by their partners.

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TAKEOFF’s creative team used a mixture of print and paint techniques to create visually-stunning PlayStation 4 consoles and controllers for the lucky gamers who would get their hands on them.

The Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward custom controllers and consoles used isolated keyart images and characters, and complemented them with a clean, white console cover. The theme of the designs focused on and were inspired by the speed and flow of the game itself, with notable characters and creatures featuring on the console.


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