Expeditions: Vikings – Trailer

Expeditions: Viking is a story-rich tactical role-playing game developed by Logic Artists and published by THQ Nordic.

Logic Artists approached TAKEOFF to create a gameplay trailer for Expeditions: Viking to show its RPG and story elements, to help raise interest and increase sales through Steam and GOG.com.

ServicesMotion, Video Games


The TAKEOFF team created a highly-visual trailer for Expeditions: Viking that seamlessly transitioned tactical gameplay with artistic assets. This approach not only showed players the strategic elements they would be grasping when purchasing the game, but also dug into the story elements of leadership, empire-building and betrayal.

As well as beautiful watercolour artwork within the trailer, other game mechanics were also highlighted such as the ability to build a character and their skill sets, party management and moral elements such as the decision to ally with factions or raid and plunder other tribes.


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