SMASH UP – Gameplay Trailer

Smash Up started as a card game and his since made the leap to digital platforms. Smash Up was developed by VooFoo Studios and Nomad Games, and published by Asmodee.

Nomad Games approached TAKEOFF and commissioned our team to create an animated trailer to advertise the game, increase interest and drive digital downloads.

ServicesMotion, Video Games


TAKEOFF created an engaging trailer for Smash Up. It’s funky guitar music was complemented with exciting language to attract Smash Up’s target audience. Images of smartphones, computers and tablets were featured within the trailer to highlight that the game was available across different digital platforms.

The trailer also underlined how players could compete against the game’s AI in single-player mode, or how they could also connect and pit their battle strategies against players across the world. Smash Up’s game mechanics were explained in a simple way and complemented by the trailer’s eye-catching graphics to further encourage sign-ups and app installs.


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