Motorcycle Club – Logo

Motorcycle Club lets players ride official licensed motorbikes from BMW, Honda, Yamaha and others online against their friends.

Motorcycle Club needed a strong logo to both advertise and represent their game, and approached TAKEOFF to brand the title.

ServicesBranding, Graphic Design, Print Design, Video Games


TAKEOFF’s branding and graphic design experts worked with the Motorcycle Club team to create a logo for their game from scratch that was designed to make it stand out on shop shelves,digital stores, and attract racing-game enthusiasts.

Our design team created a strong logo for Motorcycle Club, leading with a powerful font in white and red, and complemented by a stacked ‘MC’ icon. The stacked icon was designed to mimic the form of a motorbike; the ‘M’ being the handlebars and the ‘C’ representing the front wheel.


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