Developed by tobspr Games, Prismatika and published by Playdigious in late 2023, Shapez is a relaxing mobile puzzle game available on iOS and Android that challenges players to create a unique and complex abstract shapes factory on an infinite map.

Prior to Shapez’ mobile launch Playdigious asked us to create a trailer for the minimalist indie game to announce its release, highlight its unique mechanics and soothing vibe, and encourage viewers to download the title.

ServicesMotion, Video Games, Trailer


Our talented team of video editors worked to create a trailer that was as abstract as the game we were advertising, but also simple enough that the viewer could grasp, access and be intrigued enough to download and master the infinite world of Shapez. 

We started with a simple shape on a factory conveyor belt which eventually mixed with others on the factory floor, gradually introducing those in-game mechanics via the UI to alter the conveyor belt and produce more complex Shapez.

Working with a mix of CGI and Unity to create an in-engine rush, our own Shapez factory zoomed out to our 3D-created phone – itself on a factory conveyor belt – to perfectly combine all elements and introduce the game and its mechanics through text. 

We also blended this with text to underline Shapez’s support for portrait and landscape mode, highlight its different UI’s, touch capabilities and finalised with an end slate call to action, showing the platforms the game could be downloaded from.


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