Wonder Woman 1984 – Custom XBOX One X Consoles

Released in December 2020, Wonder Woman 1984 is a telling of a tale in the titular DC superhero’s past, when she battled supervillains during the Cold War period. The film was released by Warner Bros. Pictures.

As part of a promotional partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, Xbox approached us and asked us to create three separate one-of-a-kind Xbox One X consoles, customised to celebrate the costumes worn by the legendary female warriors starring in the movie.

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Our custom ‘Golden Armour’ Xbox One X was modelled after the stunning golden suit of armour worn by Wonder Woman in the movie. Made entirely by hand, this Xbox design included a 3D-printed WW84 logo complemented by a built-up golden eagle crest, surrounded by intricate 24-carat gold-leaf detailing throughout. The console was auctioned to raise funds for the Together for Her charity.

The ‘Lasso of Truth’ Xbox One X console featured a retro design. The Wonder Woman logo on the console was designed to burst with vivacity, and featured the loud, powerful colours of the ‘80s which also cross over to the controller. Circling the logo is Wonder Woman’s braided lasso of truth – this console was used as a competition prize as part of the movie’s promotional strategy.

There’s more than one powerful female warrior in Wonder Woman 1984. Our final console was modelled on antagonist Cheetah, covered with the faux leopard fur and detailed snakeskin pattern that make up the wild thing’s punk-rock persona in the movie. The golden WW84 logo and silver spikes on top of the console were specially 3D-printed, to make it that little bit more roarsome.


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