Stranger Things – Custom XBOX Console & Controller

Netflix retro phenomenon Stranger Things follows the adventures of four friends solving mysteries and exploring the paranormal in their monster-infested home of Hawkins, Indiana.

To celebrate the release of the third season of Stranger Things, Xbox and Netflix asked us to create a retro-style Xbox One X that could be won as part of a promotional social media competition.

ServicesMotion, Video Games, 3D, Custom Consoles, Custom Controllers


Arcades were big business in the ‘80s – a trend highlighted in Stranger Things itself, where our team of heroes will sometimes meet up to do battle on the latest release. As a nod to the series and wider ‘80s gaming culture, our design team set to work on drawing up an Xbox One/arcade machine hybrid that was as much a work of art as a functioning console.

The end result was an extremely stylish Stranger Things-themed old-school arcade-style Xbox One X console. Highly-decorative, the Xbox console sits within a retro arcade cabinet with third-season design details, complete with 3D-printed painted joystick and buttons, as well as an Xbox-branded ‘screen’.


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