Six Invitational 2020 – Esports Winner Gifts Pack

The Six Invitational is an esports tournament hosted by Ubisoft in Montreal, where players get together to see who is the best Rainbow Six Siege player around.

The Six Invitational is a byword for prestige and quality in the international esports arena. Ubisoft asked us to create personalised gift packs for the winners of the competition that reflected that reputation, and would create a real buzz within the community.

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The gift packs had to be more than prizes; we felt that they had to be a wider celebration of the Rainbow Six and esport communities. More than a reward, we set about creating gift packs that were also practical to the winners, carried a real air of status and wouldn’t go unnoticed, whether in their daily lives or online.

That’s why, alongside a large gold-covered winners medal adorned with the Six Invitational logo, recipients were also presented with a customised Six Invitational watch. Featuring automatic movement and visible mechanics through the dial, the winner’s name and their team names were engraved on the back of the stylish timepiece. All rewards were delivered to winners in a reinforced, personalised Six Invitational carry case.


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