Eden Rising – Official Launch Trailer

Tower-defence game Eden Rising is a visually-stunning title, throwing players into a war between two alien factions.

TAKEOFF was approached to create the launch trailer for Eden Rising, to highlight to gamers that it was available through Steam Early Access, build excitement and boost sales for the title.

ServicesTrailer, Motion Design, Video Games


TAKEOFF’s creative specialists worked closely with Nvizzio Creations/The Wall, using Eden Rising’s art and key assets to create a spectacular trailer that showed the alien world’s striking visuals and sci-fi elements. In-game footage was also heavily featured to show the unique possibilities and situations players could experience within the Eden Rising universe.

The official Eden Rising trailer shows the game world’s vast open landscapes, the alien factions the player can battle against, resource-gathering and crafting elements, character customisation options and more. The game’s main features and mechanics were expressed through animated title cards, and a strong call-to-action at the end.


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