Nacon Revolution – Pro PS4 Controller

The NACON Revolution Pro Controller, produced by NACON for the PlayStation 4, is built especially for eSports players, is customisable, and helps them to optimise their personal playing style.

An officially licensed product, NACON approached TAKEOFF to produce a trailer for their hardware to show its benefits to eSports players and the wider gaming community.

ServicesCustom Console, Custom Controllers, Video Games


TAKEOFF built a slick trailer which focused heavily on the incredible advantages the NACON Revolution Pro Controller could give eSports professionals to help turn the tide their way in competitions. We focused on its integrated processor technology and enhanced analogue stick precision, high-performance analogue sticks and the configurable right stick’s 46-degree amplitude.

We also highlight on how the sensitivity of the triggers’ dead-bands could be altered and the extra four remappable shortcut buttons on the back of the controller. We also featured mode selection, profile buttons, detachable cables, PC companion apps, LED player status indicators and other USPs that set it apart from other standard and professional eSports controllers.


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