Puma – Usain Bolt

After he announced himself on the world stage at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, everyone wanted to know if record-breaking Usain Bolt could do it again in London, 2012

Sponsored by PUMA, Team Jamaica had to be carefully managed. They needed to be introduced and celebrated, but also in a way that wouldn’t distract them from upcoming events.



TAKEOFF produced and managed the press event ‘The Whole World Watched’ on the eve of the London Olympics. TAKEOFF-sourced a central raw venue close to the PUMA yard where Team Jamaica trained, which would provide sufficient access and space for the 750-strong global film crews and press junkets.

TAKEOFF was responsible for stage-management and also activated infrastructure for film and press crews, including bleacher risers with clear sight lines and multicore audio feeds, lighting, Q&A crew and tech.

TAKEOFF built a creative and eye-catching ‘RUN JAMAICA RUN’ set that showed the heart and togetherness driving Team Jamaica. TAKEOFF was responsible for its build, lighting, sound, projection, and making sure the event met strict health and safety guidelines.


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