Puma – Nature of Performance

Sportswear brand PUMA wanted to re-energize its performance positioning with ‘The Nature of Performance’, PUMA’s cross-category creative marketing approach for its new products.

PUMA needed a full-scale global launch for its Nature of Performance range and to advertise its new performance-focused philosophy.



TAKEOFF activated the international launch for PUMA’s Nature of Performance initiative and its products. Our team hosted a series of two-day press events that also included social media influencers and bloggers. The events were incredibly immersive for attendees, giving them access to new performance products including MOBIUM and ACTV/RCVR sportswear.

TAKEOFF’s activations included venue sourcing, stage management of presenters, artists, media and attendees, providing food and drink, organising travel and customs. TAKEOFF adhered to the highest health and safety practices; we also provided multilingual live interpreting across Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English for the event, as well as lighting, sound, AV, crew, transport and live content management.


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