Players take on the role of Corvus in action-RPG Thymesia, battling terrifying monsters across a once-thriving kingdom, and wielding disease itself as a weapon. Thymesia was developed by OverBorder Studio and published by Team17.

TAKEOFF was asked to produce a Thymesia-themed press kit that could be sent to key gaming influencers, to raise awareness of the title and help build its media profile.

ServicesPackaging, Print Design, Graphic Design


Thymesia has a dark, gothic, moody, medieval aesthetic to it. A large part of Corvus’s journey revolves around him trying to gather his lost memories, which he slowly regains as the player progresses. It was this feature that inspired us to create a Thymesia-themed journal in all its gothic glory.

Our medieval journals were made by a specialist craft partner, while we created key items from the game that would complement it – a beautiful raven-feather pen, while the journal also featured a raven feather on its cover. Also included were treats such as a glow-in-the-dark potion bottle sticker; kits were sent to leading gaming influencers around the world.


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