Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Wolves Limited Edition

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the latest title in the open-world tactical shooter series. Breakpoint was developed by Ubisoft Paris and published by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft commissioned a collector’s edition to celebrate the latest Ghost Recon title, featuring an amazing range of collectibles for series’ fans, to attract press attention and drive pre-orders.


Jon Bernthal does a magnificent job in Ghost Recon Breakpoint of bringing antagonist Colonel Cole D. Walker to life. His ‘Ghost gone bad’ confident, fearsome persona was the perfect starting point for the Collector’s Edition’s visual direction.

Walker’s in-game character has an incredibly interesting fantasy-military concept complete with cape, hood, tattoos and mask. We wanted to draw out his evil essence with our rough sketches using a combination of saturated reds and blacks. We loved the design so much it became a core part of our overall key artwork

The end result is a wild Wolves Collector’s Edition box set featuring a 24 cm-high figurine of merciless Wolves leader Walker, alongside an exclusive steelbook with iconic cover artwork, inspired by Walker’s body art. Players are also treated to a confidential ‘Operation Greenstone’ file, complete with three exclusive lithograph designs straight from the Ubisoft Paris studios.

The collector’s edition also features a waterproof map of the island of Auroa, the game’s atmospheric soundtrack, a replica of Walker’s dog tag, and the Ultimate Edition of Breakpoint (with a year’s pass and bonus content).


Boosting sales with a bespoke POS suite

Our creative and marketing specialists also delivered different point-of-sales suites that wouldn’t camouflage the game in shops nationwide. 

Building Breakpoint’s custom consoles

To spark conversations with the press and influencers online, our creative artists customised two Xbox One consoles and controllers with original Breakpoint artwork based on the merciless mantra of the Wolves.  

Capturing column inches with a press kit

The quality of a press kit can be the difference between a game sneaking past a journalist without being discovered and being locked firmly in their sights.

Creating packs for the Wolves

Our team of artists created different pack designs for the different PS4 and Xbox One editions of Breakpoint (Standard, Auroa, and Ultimate Editions). Creative artwork also included posters, publicity brochures and social media graphics with strong calls-to-action. 


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